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In the heart of Bangladesh, a beacon of hope shines brightly for those battling Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and related mental health challenges. The OCD Clinic & Research Foundation is a pioneering force dedicated to the well-being of OCD patients and their families. Founded on compassion, expertise, and understanding principles, this clinic marks a significant milestone in Bangladesh’s psychiatric landscape.

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Meet the Visionary: Dr. Rashidul Haque

At the helm of this groundbreaking initiative is Dr. Rashidul Haque, an Assistant Professor in Psychiatry (FCPS) and a distinguished member of the American Psychiatric Association. Dr. Haque’s expertise and dedication have shaped the foundation’s mission, emphasizing academic excellence, innovative research, and unparalleled patient services.

Ventilating Concerns: The First Step to Healing

Acknowledging and discussing one’s problems are crucial steps toward healing. At the OCD Clinic & Research Foundation, patients are encouraged to express their emotional concerns openly. This cathartic process reduces anxiety and depression but also aids in diagnosing mental illnesses such as OCD, depression, and anxiety disorders. Through empathetic listening and professional insight, patients find solace and understanding.

Ongoing Discussions: A Gateway to Therapeutic Interventions

In the haven of the clinic, ongoing discussions are more than conversations; they are windows opening to therapeutic interventions. Addressing recurrent intrusive thoughts and escalating anxieties, these discussions pave the way for personalized treatments. The foundation believes in the power of dialogue, fostering an environment where patients feel heard, valued, and supported.

Solving Problems: The Ultimate Goal

Every psychological and pharmacological treatment offered at the OCD Clinic & Research Foundation is geared toward one ultimate goal: solving problems. Under Dr. Haque’s guidance, the foundation’s dedicated team employs a multidisciplinary approach to help patients overcome the challenges posed by OCD. The foundation empowers patients to regain control over their lives by integrating cutting-edge therapies and compassionate care.

Challenges in Removing Stigma: A Collective Effort

Despite advancements in understanding mental health, there remains a stigma surrounding OCD. Misconceptions persist, with some believing it to be a self-controllable condition or relying on traditional remedies. The OCD Clinic & Research Foundation tirelessly works to dispel these myths, emphasizing the importance of professional treatment and support. By raising awareness and fostering understanding, the foundation aims to make a difference in the lives of those affected by OCD.

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Celebrating Success Stories: Empowering Lives, One Victory at a Time

OCD, with its diverse range of severities, can be a challenging adversary. However, at the OCD Clinic & Research Foundation, success stories are not uncommon. Nearly 70% of patients entering treatment experience significant improvements in their symptoms. While OCD may be chronic, the foundation believes in celebrating every victory, no matter how small, and supporting patients through the peaks and valleys of their journey to recovery.

Visit Us Today

Are you or a loved one seeking relief from the chains of OCD? The OCD Clinic & Research Foundation welcomes you to their safe space located at 222/1B, South Pirerbag (Amtola), Mirpur-2, Dhaka, Bangladesh. For appointments and inquiries, call ☎️+8801681006726 or email 👝 [email protected].

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At the OCD Clinic & Research Foundation, freedom from OCD is not just a possibility; it’s a shared endeavor. Join hands with the foundation’s dedicated team, led by Dr. Rashidul Haque, and embark on your journey to healing. Your path to freedom begins here.

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