Pinel Mental Health Centre (PMHCC): Where Hope Meets Healing in Dhaka

Nestled in the heart of Dhaka, Pinel Mental Health Centre (PMHCC) stands as a testament to compassion, expertise, and community-driven mental health care. As a patient-friendly and community-oriented facility, PMHCC extends its caring embrace to individuals from all walks of life in Bangladesh.

Ensconced in the heart of Dhaka, Pinel Mental Health Centre (PMHCC) stands as a beacon of hope and healing for individuals seeking mental health support in Bangladesh. Founded and led by Assist. Professor Dr. Rashidul Haque, a distinguished Psychiatrist specializing in Psychiatry (FCPS), PMHCC, combines world-class expertise with a compassionate approach to provide comprehensive mental health care.

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Comprehensive Mental Health Services for All

At PMHCC, a team of certified and esteemed psychiatrists, counselling psychologists, and clinical psychologists collaborate to offer a comprehensive range of mental health services. From in-depth psychological assessments using advanced psychometrics to personalized psychotherapy and counselling sessions, PMHCC covers all aspects of mental health care. Their expertise ensures that individuals receive accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans, fostering a sense of trust and confidence among patients.

Empowering Dreams, Fostering Resilience

One of PMHCC’s core beliefs is that dreams know no bounds. Regardless of individuals’ challenges, PMHCC is dedicated to empowering its patients to reach their aspirations. The center’s approach goes beyond clinical treatments; it is rooted in understanding, empathy, and unwavering support. PMHCC’s commitment to its patients’ well-being is evident in every interaction, every session, and every step of the healing journey.

Your Satisfaction, Their Success

At PMHCC, patient satisfaction isn’t just a metric – it’s the ultimate achievement. The centre measures its success by the progress made in treatment and the smiles it brings to its patients’ faces. Each positive change, every transformed life, signifies a triumph for PMHCC. The centre takes pride in being a catalyst for positive change, fostering resilience, and inspiring hope among those struggling with mental health challenges.

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Visit PMHCC Today

For those seeking solace, understanding, and expert care, Pinel Mental Health Centre welcomes you. Located at 222/1B, South Pirerbag (Amtola), Mirpur, Dhaka, PMHCC is more than a mental health facility; it is a haven where hope meets healing. To schedule an appointment or make inquiries, please call +8801681006726.

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At PMHCC, healing isn’t just a process – it’s a shared journey toward a brighter, more fulfilling future. Let PMHCC be your partner in rediscovering hope, resilience, and the strength within. Your well-being is their priority, and your journey toward healing begins here.

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