Recognition of Educational and Counselling Psychologists in Bangladesh

It is with immense pleasure to announce the recognition of thirteen individuals as professional psychologists by the Bangladesh Educational and Counselling Psychology Society (BECPS). This recognition was conferred during the annual general meeting held at 5 PM on Friday, 27th October at Dhaka University’s A. C. Majumdar Hall, presided over by BECPS President, Professor (Retd.) Shamim Ferdous Karim.

Educational Psychologists Receiving Recognition:

The recognized Educational Psychologists are Umme Kawser, Khadija Binte Habib, Ayesha Siddika Sumi, Sadiya Afrin, and Mir Ayesha Akhtar.


Counselling Psychologists Receiving Recognition:

In the Counselling Psychology category, Tasnuba Haque, Andalib Mahmud, Ameena Begum Sumi, Annie Anthony Baroi, Nuzhat-e-Rahman, Saiyida Ameena Ifat, Safina Binte Anayet, and Dr. M. Rakibul Hasan received full professional recognition.

Academic Excellence and Professional Recognition:

These individuals have completed their Master of Science (M.S.) and Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) degrees in Educational and Counselling Psychology, making them eligible for full professional recognition by BECPS. This recognition, bestowed upon five Educational Psychologists and eight Counselling Psychologists, signifies their expertise and commitment to Educational and Counselling Psychology.

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Continuous Support for the Psychology Community:

Furthermore, BECPS, as a professional organization, grants full recognition yearly to professionals holding M.S. and M.Phil degrees in Educational and Counselling Psychology. This year’s awardees, totaling eleven Educational Psychologists and nine Counselling Psychologists, are engaged in academic activities at Dhaka University of Educational and Counselling Psychology Department. Daily online and offline newspapers and social media like, Dhakamail,,, etc, published news for this program.

Ph.D. Holders and Their Contributions:

In addition to these recognitions, BECPS has also conferred honors upon individuals who have earned their Ph.D. degrees in Educational and Counselling Psychology: Dr. Lipi Gloria Rozario, Dr. Joye Bairy, Dr. Mahjabeen Haque, and Dr. M. Salim Choudhury.

New Leadership for the Future:

After the meeting, Professor Dr. Shahin Islam was elected President, and Dr. M.A. Azharul Islam was chosen as the General Secretary for the new 2023-2025 executive committee, comprising fifteen members.


Fostering Excellence in Professional Counselling: The Role of BECPS

Bridging Expertise and Recognition:

In the landscape of mental health support and education in Bangladesh, the Bangladesh Educational and Counselling Psychology Society (BECPS) stands as a beacon of professional excellence and recognition. Established to uphold the standards of educational and counselling psychology, BECPS plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of counselling practices within the country. This society is located on the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, 4th Floor, Arts Building, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

A Society Dedicated to Counselling Excellence:

BECPS, founded to nurture a community of highly skilled educational and counselling psychologists, ensures that professionals in this vital field are recognized, respected, and empowered. This society acts as a unified voice, advocating for the highest ethical and professional standards in educational and counselling psychology.

Promoting Education and Counselling Psychology:

One of BECPS’s fundamental objectives is to BECPS’s education and counselling psychology as academic disciplines and professional practices. By providing a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and continuous education, the society enriches the skills and expertise of its members, fostering a community of counselors dedicated to the well-being of individuals and communities.

Professional Recognition and Support:

BECPS, through its rigorous recognition process, acknowledges the achievements and expertise of educational and counselling psychologists. By conferring professional recognition, the society not only celebrates the accomplishments of its members but also assures the public of the quality and reliability of counselling services offered by these professionals. This recognition marks trust, guiding individuals seeking counselling services for children and adults to qualified and esteemed practitioners.

Advocacy and Ethical Practice:

Beyond individual recognition, BECPS serves as a voice for ethical counselling practices in Bangladesh. The society actively advocates, ensuring ethical guidelines and standards are adhered to within the profession. By promoting ethical conduct and continuous professional development, BECPS safeguards the integrity of counselling services provided in various settings, from educational institutions to clinical practices.

BECPS members

Building a Brighter Future for Counselling Psychology:

In essence, BECPS is not merely a society; it is a driving force, propelling the field of counselling psychology in Bangladesh to new heights. By fostering a sense of community, ensuring recognition for professionals, and advocating for ethical practices, BECPS contributes significantly to the mental health landscape of the country. Through its initiatives, society not only enhances the quality of counselling services but also builds a brighter, more supportive future for individuals seeking mental health support in Bangladesh.

This recognition marks a significant milestone in the professional development of these psychologists, indicating the high standards of education and counselling psychology practiced in Bangladesh. It is a testament to their dedication and expertise in their respective fields, contributing to the growth and recognition of psychology in the country. The BECPS continues to support and honor professionals who excel in the diverse and vital areas of psychology in Bangladesh.

Written By Raju Akon

MPhil Research Fellow, DECP, Dhaka University

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