Therapy for Adjustment Difficulties in Returning Migrants in Bangladesh

Therapy for adjustment difficulties in returning migrants

Returning to one’s homeland after living abroad can be a bittersweet experience for migrants. While they reunite with loved ones and familiar surroundings, the readjustment process can be challenging. Returning migrants in Bangladesh often face adjustment difficulties as they encounter changes in lifestyle, cultural norms, and societal expectations. This article explores the symptoms, causes, importance, and specific issues related to adjustment difficulties in returning migrants in the Bangladeshi context.

Additionally, it outlines the therapy treatment process and offers self-help techniques to support migrants in their reintegration. The article also highlights the availability of online counseling services provided by Raju Akon, a professional counseling psychologist, for those seeking guidance and support beyond Dhaka.

Symptoms and Causes of Adjustment Difficulties in Returning Migrants:

1. Culture Shock: Feeling disoriented and out of place due to cultural differences.

2. Identity Crisis: Struggling to reconcile their experiences abroad with their Bangladeshi identity.

3. Social Isolation: Difficulty reconnecting with old friends and integrating into social circles.

4. Emotional Turmoil: Experiencing mixed emotions such as excitement, nostalgia, and anxiety.

5. Career Challenges: Facing difficulties in finding suitable employment opportunities.

Importance of Addressing Adjustment Difficulties in Returning Migrants:

1. Mental Well-being: Therapy supports returning migrants in managing emotional challenges and promoting mental health.

2. Reintegration: Successful adjustment allows migrants to reconnect with their roots and find a sense of belonging.

3. Productivity: Navigating challenges leads to improved productivity and career satisfaction.

4. Family and Social Harmony: Effective reintegration strengthens family and social relationships.

Therapy Treatment Process for Returning Migrants:

1. Assessment: Therapists conduct a comprehensive evaluation to understand the migrant’s experiences and adjustment difficulties.

2. Cultural Sensitivity Training: Therapists guide coping with cultural differences and navigating social norms.

3. Coping Strategies: Therapists teach coping mechanisms to manage stress and emotional challenges.

4. Identity Exploration: Returning migrants explore and embrace their multicultural identity.

5. Goal Setting: Setting achievable goals for reintegration and career aspirations.

Self-Help Techniques for Reintegration:

1. Engage in Cultural Activities: Participate in local cultural events to reconnect with Bangladeshi customs and traditions.

2. Seek Peer Support: Connect with other returning migrants to share experiences and insights.

3. Language Practice: Regularly practice Bengali language skills to improve communication.

4. Volunteer or Join Clubs: Engage in community activities or join clubs to establish new social connections.

Online Counseling with Raju Akon:

For returning migrants seeking professional counseling and support to overcome adjustment difficulties, Raju Akon, a qualified counseling psychologist, offers online counseling services. This option is particularly beneficial for those residing away from Dhaka or facing communication barriers, ensuring access to dedicated guidance and support from the comfort of their homes.

Contact Details for Online Counseling:

– Email: [email protected]
– Phone: 01715187832


Therapy for adjustment difficulties in returning migrants provides a transformative journey for individuals seeking to reintegrate into the Bangladeshi context. By recognizing the symptoms, causes, and importance of addressing these challenges, returning migrants can proactively take steps toward embracing their multicultural identity and finding a sense of belonging. With the support of skilled professionals like Raju Akon, migrants can develop coping strategies and establish new social connections, fostering a successful reintegration process. Embracing online counseling as a support means empowers returning migrants to overcome communication barriers and access professional guidance, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and harmonious homecoming in the Bangladeshi community.

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