Best Schizophrenia Treatment in Bangladesh-2024

Best Schizophrenia Treatment in Bangladesh

It is estimated that more than 21 million people are living with schizophrenia globally. In Bangladesh, it is estimated that there are one in every 100 people suffers from schizophrenia. Most people with schizophrenia in Bangladesh do not receive any treatment for their condition.

There are several reasons why people with schizophrenia in Bangladesh do not receive treatment for their condition. Some of these reasons include a lack of awareness about the condition, the stigma associated with the condition, lack of access to mental health services, and poverty.

Despite the challenges, several organizations and individuals are working to improve access to mental health services for people with schizophrenia in Bangladesh. One such organization is the Pinel Mental Health Care Centre (PMHCC). PMHCC is a non-profit organization that provides mental health services, including medication, counseling, and support groups, to people with mental illness in Bangladesh.

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If you or someone you know is living with schizophrenia in Bangladesh, concentrate on getting help from professionals.

What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia affects a person’s thinking, feeling, and behavior. People with schizophrenia may seem like they have lost touch with reality. They can see or hear things that others do not. They may believe things that others do not.

Symptoms of schizophrenia can be mild, moderate, or severe. They may include:

  • Delusionsfalse beliefs that are not based in reality
  • Hallucinations – seeing, hearing, or feeling things that others do not
  • Disorganized thinking – problems with organizing thoughts, speaking, or writing
  • Abnormal movements – agitated body movements or slowed body movements

People with schizophrenia may withdraw from others and become uninterested in day-to-day activities.
While there is no cure for schizophrenia, it is treatable. Most people with schizophrenia can manage their symptoms and live productive lives with treatment.

Best Psychology service in Bangladesh

Who are the Best Psychologists & Psychiatrists for Schizophrenia Treatment in Bangladesh?

Several different types of psychologists can help treat schizophrenia in Bangladesh. The best type of psychologist for schizophrenia treatment in Bangladesh will be one who is experienced in treating the condition and who has a good understanding of the cultural context.

Psychologists who are familiar with the Bangladeshi culture and who have worked with patients from the country before are likely to be the best able to understand the unique challenges that people with schizophrenia face in Bangladesh. They will also be able to provide the most culturally-sensitive care.

It is important to find a psychologist with who you feel comfortable and with who you feel confident who can help you manage your condition. If you are unsure where to start, you can ask your doctor for a referral to a good psychologist for schizophrenia treatment in Bangladesh. Here is a short list of experts who treat schizophrenia in Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you live in Dhaka, you can get a psychotherapist near you from them.

  • Dr. Rashidul Haque
  • Dr. Kumrul Hasan.
  • Dr. A. S. M. Morshed
  • Dr. Jhunu Shamsun Nahar
  • Md. Asadujjaman Raju (Psychologist)

All of these specialists practice psychology in Bangladesh. When crises appear, they provide free/paid online treatment in Bangladesh. So they have a great contribution to online counseling for mental health.

What Schizophrenia treatments are available in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, schizophrenia is typically treated with medication and hospitalization. Medication may include antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, and/or anticonvulsants. Hospitalization is typically used to stabilize patients during acute episodes of psychosis. A range of other treatments can be used to treat schizophrenia, including CBT therapies, support groups, and self-help groups.

At first treatment for schizophrenia, it is important to search top psychiatrist in dhaka to get medical treatment. After a certain condition, the patient will be referred to a psychotherapist or counseling psychologist for Cogitative Behavior Treatment (CBT).

In summary, The patients are generally in the first stage, and it’s a very, very common disease. There are many techniques for treating schizophrenia, like psychotherapy, medication, and electroconvulsive therapy. However, many patients are still reluctant for medication. So, doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists should conduct regular counseling sessions to educate patients about the symptoms of the disease.

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