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Parenting Issues and Support

Raju Akon, an esteemed counseling psychologist and MPhil research fellow at the University of Dhaka specializes in providing exceptional counseling services for individuals facing parenting challenges. With his extensive qualifications and experience in counseling and psychotherapy, Raju Akon is widely recognized as one of the best counseling psychologists in Bangladesh. This article aims to provide valuable insights into the demographic data related to parenting issues in the Bangladeshi context and outline Raju Akon’s comprehensive treatment process. Additionally, it offers practical tips and tricks to support parents in their journey.raju akon youtube channel subscribtion

Meet Raju Akon: A Renowned Counseling Psychologist:

Raju Akon, known for his expertise in parenting issues, is a highly respected counseling psychologist. For more information about Raju Akon and his services, please visit his website at

Understanding Parenting Issues in the Bangladeshi Context:

Parenting issues can be diverse and impact families across various demographics in Bangladesh. Here are some key demographic data regarding parenting issues in the Bangladeshi context:

1. Parental Stress: Many parents in Bangladesh experience significant stress due to various factors such as financial pressures, work-life balance, and societal expectations. These stressors can affect parenting dynamics and relationships within the family.

2. Single Parenting: The prevalence of single-parent households is increasing in Bangladesh. Single parents face unique challenges, including managing multiple roles and responsibilities, financial strains, and emotional support for their children.

3. Behavioral and Emotional Challenges: Some children in Bangladesh may exhibit behavioral or emotional challenges, such as aggression, anxiety, or attention difficulties. Parents may seek support to understand better and address these issues.

Treatment Process for Parenting Issues & Support:

Raju Akon follows a comprehensive treatment process to address parenting issues effectively and provide the necessary support to parents:

1. Initial Assessment: The journey begins with an in-depth assessment, where Raju Akon conducts interviews and evaluations to understand the specific parenting challenges, family dynamics, and individual needs.

2. Parent Education: Raju Akon emphasizes the importance of parent education. Through informative sessions, parents gain valuable knowledge about child development, effective communication strategies, positive discipline techniques, and fostering a nurturing environment.

3. Individual or Family Therapy: Depending on the unique situation, Raju Akon may offer individual therapy sessions for parents to address personal challenges or family therapy sessions to improve communication, enhance bonding, and resolve conflicts within the family unit.

4. Skill-Building and Coping Strategies: Raju Akon incorporates practical skill-building exercises to help parents develop effective parenting techniques. This may include stress management, setting boundaries, fostering positive relationships, and promoting emotional well-being for parents and children.

5. Collaborative Goal-Setting: Working closely with parents, Raju Akon facilitates the establishment of realistic and achievable goals. These goals may focus on specific parenting challenges, strengthening the parent-child bond, and enhancing overall family functioning.

Tips and Tricks for Parents:

Here are some practical tips and tricks to support parents in their journey:

1. Seek Professional Help: Reach out to a qualified psychologist specializing in parenting issues, such as Raju Akon. Professional guidance can provide valuable insights and strategies to overcome challenges and promote healthy family dynamics.

2. Practice Self-Care: Prioritize self-care to maintain your well-being. Taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally allows you to be more present and effective as a parent.

3. Open Communication: Foster open and honest communication with your child. Please encourage them to express their thoughts and feelings while actively listening and validating their experiences.

4. Consistency and Routine: Establish consistent routines and clear expectations for your child. Predictable structures and boundaries can help create a sense of security and stability.

5. Connect with Other Parents: Join parenting support groups or engage with other parents facing similar challenges. Sharing experiences and exchanging advice can be immensely helpful in navigating the parenting journey.


Raju Akon, an experienced counseling psychologist specializing in parenting issues, provides invaluable support to parents in Dhaka. With his extensive qualifications, counseling expertise, and online counseling services, Raju Akon is committed to helping parents overcome challenges, strengthen family dynamics, and foster healthy parent-child relationships. To schedule an appointment or learn more about Raju Akon’s services, don’t hesitate to contact him through email at [email protected] or call 01715187832. Remember, seeking professional help is a proactive step towards building a nurturing and fulfilling parenting experience.

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