Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking through Online Counseling in Bangladesh

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking through Online Counseling in Bangladesh

Fear of public speaking, or glossophobia, is a common anxiety disorder that can significantly impact an individual’s personal and professional life. In Bangladesh, where public speaking plays a crucial role in various social and career settings, managing this fear becomes even more essential. Online counseling offers a convenient and effective solution to address the fear of public speaking and regain confidence in public communication.

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Symptoms and Causes of Fear of Public Speaking in Bangladesh:

The fear of public speaking may lead to several emotional and physical symptoms, including:

1. Rapid Heartbeat and Sweating: Physical anxiety symptoms include increased heart rate and excessive sweating.

2. Nervousness and Shaking: Feeling nervous and experiencing trembling or shaking hands while speaking in public.

3. Avoidance Behavior: Avoiding public speaking situations or opportunities altogether due to fear.

4. Negative Thoughts: Persistent negative thoughts about speaking abilities and fear of being judged.

Common causes of fear of public speaking in the Bangladeshi context are:

1. Cultural Expectations: Social norms emphasizing the importance of effective public speaking may create pressure and anxiety.

2. Lack of Experience: Limited opportunities to practice public speaking may lead to apprehension and fear.

3. Past Negative Experiences: Previous negative experiences or instances of criticism while speaking in public can contribute to fear.

The Importance of Managing Fear of Public Speaking:

Overcoming the fear of public speaking is essential for personal and professional growth in Bangladesh. General speaking skills are crucial for career advancement, networking, and effective communication in various settings. Addressing this fear through online counseling can help individuals build confidence and unlock new opportunities.

Issues Surrounding Fear of Public Speaking in Bangladesh:

In the Bangladeshi context, several issues surround the fear of public speaking, including:

1. Limited Public Speaking Training: Access to public speaking training and workshops may be limited in certain regions.

2. Stigma around Anxiety: Seeking help for anxiety-related issues may still be stigmatized in some communities.

3. Performance Pressure: Fear of public speaking may be heightened due to high expectations from family or society.

Online Counseling Treatment Process and Components:

Online counseling for managing the fear of public speaking follows a structured treatment process comprising the following components:

1. Assessment: The online counselor, like Raju Akon, will conduct an assessment to understand the individual’s fear triggers and the extent of the anxiety.

2. Cognitive Restructuring: Identifying and challenging negative thought patterns related to public speaking to promote positive self-beliefs.

3. Exposure Therapy: Gradual exposure to public speaking situations in a safe and supportive online environment to desensitize fear.

4. Relaxation Techniques: Teaching relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing and mindfulness, to manage anxiety during public speaking.

5. Communication Skills: Improving public speaking skills through coaching and constructive feedback.

Self-Help Techniques for Managing Fear of Public Speaking:

In addition to online counseling, individuals can implement self-help techniques to manage the fear of public speaking:

1. Practice Regularly: Engage in regular practice sessions, even in front of a mirror or close friends, to build confidence.

2. Visualize Success: Visualize successful public speaking experiences to build positive associations.

3. Prepare Thoroughly: Prepare the speech or presentation to increase confidence.

4. Join Public Speaking Clubs: Participate in public speaking clubs or workshops to gain experience and support.

5. Positive Self-Talk: Replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations about public speaking abilities.

Contacting Raju Akon for Online Counseling:

Raju Akon, a professional counseling psychologist, provides online counseling services for individuals in Bangladesh seeking online counseling to manage the fear of public speaking. To schedule an online counseling session, individuals can email [email protected] or contact him at 01715187832.


The fear of public speaking can be a significant obstacle to personal and professional development in Bangladesh. Online counseling provides an accessible and effective way to address this fear and build confidence in public communication. By combining online counseling with self-help techniques, individuals can easily and confidently overcome their fear of public speaking, unlock their potential, and excel in various social and career settings.

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