Pursuing Psychology at Dhaka University: Your Path to a Rewarding Academic Journey

Are you interested in studying psychology in Bangladesh? Dhaka University, one of the country’s most prestigious institutions, offers an excellent opportunity to pursue a degree in this fascinating field. This blog post will explore the availability of psychology programs at Dhaka University, the admission process, the curriculum, and the potential career prospects for psychology graduates. If you’ve been wondering, “Can I study psychology at Dhaka University?”—the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Let’s dive in!

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1. Psychology Programs at Dhaka University

Dhaka University is renowned for its Department of Psychology, which offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Here are some key details:

a) Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Psychology: This four-year undergraduate program provides a comprehensive foundation in psychology. It covers various subfields, including cognitive, social, developmental, and abnormal psychology.

b) Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Psychology: Dhaka University offers a two-year postgraduate program that allows students to specialize in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, or experimental psychology.Best Psychology service in Bangladesh

2. Admission Process

To pursue a psychology degree at Dhaka University, you must fulfill the admission requirements. Here’s an overview of the general admission process:

a) Undergraduate Admission: Prospective undergraduate students must sit for the admission test conducted by Dhaka University. The test assesses their aptitude in English, mathematics, and general knowledge. The university publishes admission notices and provides detailed information about the application process on its official website.

b) Postgraduate Admission: For admission to the postgraduate programs, including the M.Sc. in Psychology, candidates must meet specific eligibility criteria outlined by Dhaka University. These criteria typically include a minimum educational qualification and an admission test/interview.

3. Curriculum and Academic Opportunities

Studying psychology at Dhaka University offers a comprehensive curriculum to provide students with a solid theoretical foundation and practical skills. The coursework encompasses a wide range of topics, including research methodology, psychological assessment, counseling techniques, and specialized areas of psychology.

Moreover, Dhaka University provides students with research and academic opportunities through various research projects, seminars, conferences, and collaborations with renowned scholars and professionals.

4. Career Prospects

A psychology degree from Dhaka University opens up a multitude of career possibilities. Graduates can pursue diverse paths, including:

a) Clinical Psychologist: Clinical psychologists work in healthcare settings, helping individuals manage mental health disorders through therapy, assessment, and treatment.

b) Counseling Psychologist: Counseling psychologists provide guidance, support, and therapy to individuals with personal, emotional, and behavioral issues.

c) Researcher: Graduates can pursue research careers, working in academic institutions, think tanks, or research organizations, contributing to advancing psychological knowledge.

d) Academia: With further education and experience, psychology graduates can pursue teaching positions in universities and colleges.


If you aspire to study psychology in Bangladesh, Dhaka University is an ideal destination. The Department of Psychology at Dhaka University offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs that equip students with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed for a successful career in psychology.

By pursuing a psychology degree at Dhaka University, you can explore various subfields, understand human behavior deeply, and contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities through evidence-based practices.

Note: It is advisable to refer to the official website of Dhaka University and the Department of Psychology for the most up-to-date information regarding admission requirements, curriculum, and any specific details related to the psychology programs offered.

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