Exploring Clinical Psychology Departments in Bangladesh: Dhaka University, University of Rajshahi, and Jagannath University

Which university has clinical psychology in Bangladesh

As mental health awareness grows, the demand for qualified clinical psychologists is rising in Bangladesh. Students interested in pursuing a career in clinical psychology often seek reputable universities that offer specialized programs. This article will delve into the three prominent universities in Bangladesh with clinical psychology departments – Dhaka University, the University of Rajshahi, and Jagannath University. Let’s explore each department’s offerings and the opportunities they provide for aspiring clinical psychologists.

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1. Dhaka University: Pioneering Clinical Psychology Education

Dhaka University, one of Bangladesh’s most prestigious institutions, takes pride in its long-standing Department of Clinical Psychology. Here are key features of their clinical psychology department:

a) Comprehensive Curriculum: Dhaka University’s clinical psychology program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of mental health, psychopathology, psychotherapy, and psychological assessment.

b) Research Opportunities: The department emphasizes research, providing students with opportunities to engage in meaningful research projects and contribute to advancing clinical psychology in Bangladesh.

c) Practical Training: Students undergo practical training through internships and clinical placements, gaining hands-on experience working with diverse populations and mental health conditions.

d) Faculty Expertise: The faculty at Dhaka University’s clinical psychology department comprises experienced professionals and researchers who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the program.Best Psychology service in Bangladesh

2. University of Rajshahi: Clinical and Counseling Psychology Department

The University of Rajshahi offers a specialized department for Clinical and Counseling Psychology, catering to students interested in pursuing both clinical and counseling aspects of psychology. Noteworthy features of the department include:

a) Integrated Approach: The department focuses on an integrated approach, combining clinical and counseling aspects of psychology to produce well-rounded professionals capable of handling diverse mental health challenges.

b) Practical Training: Students benefit from supervised practical training and clinical placements to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world settings.

c) Research-Focused: The department encourages students to participate in research activities, fostering a culture of academic exploration and contributing to the growth of psychological knowledge in Bangladesh.

3. Jagannath University: Clinical and Counseling Psychology Department

Jagannath University offers a dedicated department for Clinical and Counseling Psychology to meet the increasing demand for mental health professionals. Key highlights of the department include:

a) Holistic Education: The program provides students with a holistic education, covering theoretical concepts, therapeutic techniques, and the importance of cultural competence in mental health practice.

b) Community Engagement: The department emphasizes community engagement, promoting mental health awareness and addressing psychological issues prevalent in society.

c) Practical Training: Students engage in practical training, internships, and clinical sessions to enhance their clinical skills and develop empathy and sensitivity towards clients.


The presence of dedicated clinical psychology departments at Dhaka University, the University of Rajshahi, and Jagannath University reflects the growing recognition of the importance of mental health in Bangladesh. These institutions offer comprehensive programs that equip aspiring clinical psychologists with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience to address mental health challenges effectively.

Students seeking to pursue clinical psychology in Bangladesh have excellent opportunities at these universities, with each department providing a unique approach to mental health education and practice. Whether it’s Dhaka University’s pioneering history, the University of Rajshahi’s integrated approach, or Jagannath University’s community engagement focus, aspiring clinical psychologists can choose a program that aligns with their interests and career aspirations.

Note: Prospective students are encouraged to explore each university’s official website and consult with academic advisors for the most up-to-date information regarding admissions, program offerings, and faculty details.

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